Oxygen Concentrator Alternative to Oxygen Tanks

Published: 05th April 2011
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An oxygen concentrator is a device that is used in oxygen therapy as an alternative to tanks of compressed oxygen. Oxygen concentrators are used instead of tanks of oxygen for a number of reasons, and provide patients with a valuable tool for both chronic and acute pulmonary treatment. If you are undergoing oxygen therapy and are currently using compressed oxygen, you should read on and learn how oxygen concentrators can benefit you. Here, we will go over why these devices are used instead of tanks of oxygen.

An oxygen concentrator is used in many of the same applications as an oxygen tank. It is essentially an air scrubber, in that it filters nitrogen out of the air to increase the level of oxygen within a room. This is done with either pulsed or continuous flow, and the oxygen level of the room can be set anywhere between twenty-one percent (typical room levels) and forty-five percent, in increments of four percent. This is to allow a patient to receive exactly as much oxygen as he or she requires.

An oxygen concentrator may be used instead of oxygen tanks for a number of different reasons. First, they are more convenient, as they do not have to be connected directly to the patient. Rather, they can simply sit in the room and adjust the oxygen level of the room itself. This means that when a patient moves about a room, he or she does not have to transport a tank full of oxygen with him or her. Secondly, they are more affordable, as a typical unit retails for about eight hundred dollars and can be leased for short term treatments. Lastly, they are much safer, as a ruptured oxygen tank can be dangerous in several ways.

An oxygen concentrator is an excellent tool for anyone undergoing oxygen therapy. They provide a source of portable oxygen, as many models are small and lightweight, and can even be plugged into car DC adaptors when necessary. When a patient needs to leave the house for an extended period of time, the oxygen concentrator can either be brought with them or, if they will be spending time in open spaces, compressed oxygen can be used as a short term solution. You do not have to live with the inconvenience of compressed oxygen when you use oxygen concentrators for your oxygen therapy needs.

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